Joyful Chaos in the Tropics

The Future Belongs to the Tropics


Akademi Sains Malaysia, the Mahathir Science Award Foundation and the International Science Council Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific would like to invite you to attend a discourse session on the nature and charm of tropical cities.

The discourse, called Joyful Chaos in the Tropics will be led by Gaétan Siew, a leading visionary in architecture and urbanism, avid world traveller, and CEO of the Global Creative Leadership Initiative. Join us in gaining a deeper appreciation for the tropical cities we call home. This event is not to be missed! Admission is open to all.

This webinar is a free pre-conference event leading up to the International Conference on Tropical Sciences (TropSc) 2021 to be held from 25-27 October. Gaétan Siew will be speaking at the conference during our Smart People-First Cities in the Tropics panel session. To register and find out more about the Conference, visit  .


JOIN US ONLINE FROM 20:00 – 21.00 (GMT+8)