The Context

The Tropics has a population of 3 billion, 55 % of whom are under 5 years old, covers 40% of the world’s agricultural area and 80 % of the world’s biodiversity. It also suffers rampant poverty and worsening impacts of climate change

While there are scientific and technological remedies to some of the problems, the Tropics needs solutions that are designed for its challenges while harnessing its values.

The Mahathir Science Award Foundation and the Academy of Sciences Malaysia are convening a Conference to provide a platform to bring together stakeholders to position the Tropics in the context of global development and identify needed interventions by government, private sector and academia. High level policy makers, industry captains and researchers will be invited to engage in a collaborative environment.


Your Benefits

We welcome organisations wishing to sponsor the Conference or specific sessions of the Conference. Together, we can drive advancement in the Tropics and facilitate the critical discussion that needs to be had on the subject of tropical sciences.

Sponsors participating in this Conference have an opportunity to maximise brand and service exposure through:

  • Enhanced brand recognition and visibility via exposure to participants worldwide
  • Leveraging and strengthening key customer relationships
  • Networking with key decision makers
  • Creating community goodwill
  • Influencing strategic content

For more information and to request for a sponsorship prospectus, please contact Ms Aliya Nabil (aliya@msa-foundation.org).