Pre-Conference Events

In addition to joining us for the Conference, tune in to our free pre-conference events, open to all!

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Past Pre-Conference Events

Towards a Federated Data Platform for Tropical Biodiversity

Water and Energy in the Tropics

Towards a Fairer and Healthier Tropics

Mountains and Life

Together for the Tropics

Interdisciplinary Research for Sustainable Use of Tropical Marine Resources

What Matters Most for the Tropics: Youth Perspective

People and Mangroves

Coffee: Black Gold of the Tropics

Towards Consolidating Malaysian Biodiversity Data

Tropical Forests Under Threat

Joyful Chaos of Cities in the Tropics

Biodiversity Loss in the Tropics

Youth for the Tropics

Ocean Life and Livelihoods the Tropics

The Soul of the City

Youth Innovations for Human and Planetary Health

Bamboo: Sustainable Housing in the Tropics

Aquatic Foods for Nourishing Nations