The Future belongs to the Tropics

Celebrating International Youth Day: Youth for the Tropics

International Youth Day recognises the role of youth in invoking change and the challenges that they face globally. 2020 will focus on “Youth Engagement for Global Action”. Children under fifteen in the Tropics are set to make up more than 67 % of the world population by 2050. There are matters that have particularly pervasive effects on this youth population: depletion of natural resources, climate change, and emerging diseases.

The youth of today must rise to tackle the challenges that are facing the world today and in the future. The Youth for the Tropics Webinar aims to create awareness among youth in the Tropics of the issues vital to them and to celebrate youths who have made valuable contributions to solving problems of the Tropics. It should serve as an inspiration as well as a rallying call to encourage youth participation in international discourse. The Webinar further aims to materialise ideas on the role of youth to lead and collaborate for a secure future of the Tropics.

12 AUGUST 2020

The Future belongs to the Tropics

Youth for the Tropics: Regional Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship

Following the thought-provoking talks at our Youth for the Tropics webinar on 12 August, here we explore one of the vehicles for change in the Tropics: social entrepreneurship.

Populations affected by disasters experience loss of lives, economic loss and other long-term effects. Such effects have wide-ranging consequences on the ability of affected communities to recover from the impact of disasters and undermine their capacity to cope with future events. This situation is expected to worsen as disasters due to extreme weather become more common as a result of climate change.

There is growing evidence of the importance of the role of social entrepreneurship (SE) for long-term community resilience through reduction of poverty, vulnerability and disaster risk in the communities that are moving toward recovery and reconstruction. The participation of youths and young professionals in SE will spur actions which are critical in building community resilience.

This Regional Workshop will serve as a platform for young social entrepreneurs to (1) understand funders requirements, (2) share experience and knowledge in building community resilience to disasters and climate change and (3) be spotlighted in the Register of Disaster Risk Reduction Social Entrepreneurs.

13 AUGUST 2020