2022 Call for Nominations to Open in December 2021

The Call for Nominations will open soon for the Tropical Medicine and Tropical Natural Resources categories. Email award@msa-foundation.org to register interest in advance.

How to Nominate

The Mahathir Science Award is a high-level award that recognises the world's best contributions to the tropics through science and technology.

The selection criteria for the Award takes into account:

1) The originality of the candidate’s achievement(s)
2) The impact of candidate’s achievement(s), including future impact on the Tropics
3) The significance of the candidate's achievement(s) in solving the problems of the tropics by improving the quality of life and contributing to the region’s prosperity

The Award has four categories, namely:

• Tropical Agriculture
• Tropical Architecture and Engineering
• Tropical Medicine
• Tropical Natural Resources

From among the four categories, two categories are contested yearly. The categories contested rotate every year.

The categories for the 2022 Mahathir Science Award are Tropical Medicine and Tropical Natural Resources

The merits of the nominee will be assessed based on the materials which are being provided by the nominator and responses to the questions in the nomination form. It is essential that the nominator completes the checklist of documents required for a complete nomination (refer to the last page of the nomination form for the full checklist).

Nomination Checklist:

1) [COMPULSORY] Nomination form (completed all 14/15 components and signed declaration)
2) [COMPULSORY] Photo of nominee(s)/ logo of organisation (in high-resolution, not less than 1MB)
3) [COMPULSORY FOR NOMINATION OF ORGANISATION] Organisational Profile (general leaflet/one-pager on the nominated organisation)
4) [COMPULSORY] Letters of referral (at least two (2) letters of referral to support the nomination, additional letters of support would further strengthen the nomination)
5) [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED] Supporting documents to the 14/15 components in the nomination form (Further details on research/products/patents/awards/impact. This may include a full CV, news articles, media announcements, reports, photographs, extended list of publications etc.)


Download the nomination forms here:

To submit your nomination, please email/mail your completed nomination form and required attachments/supporting documents to the Award Secretariat via the below contact:

Award Secretariat
902-4, Jalan Tun Ismail,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,

Email: award@msa-foundation.org

*please note that if you are mailing nomination documentation, please send it earlier so that it arrives before the deadline.