Coffee: Black Gold of the Tropics


The Future Belongs to the Tropics


We want to bring attention to the plight of coffee growers while celebrating the richness coffee brings to our lives. Threats from climate change add to the growing obstacles facing coffee cultivation. Coffee is important to the tropics as it represents a major trade commodity for developing countries in the region and will invariably impact their economic and sustainable development goals (SDGs). Join us in discussing these impacts with you on International Coffee Day!


Coffee Day Booklet

Webinar Recording

1 OCTOBER 2020

JOIN US ONLINE FROM 14:30 – 17.00 (GMT+8)



  • Coffee Culture  

Prof. Jonathan Morris, University of Hertfordshire

  • A Brewing Global Crisis

Edgard Bressani, Capricornio Coffees

  • It All Boils Down to Economics

Trista Chua, Olam International

  • Coffee Chat: ‘No Time for Bad Coffee’

Moderated by: Lutfi Hakim, Tukang Cherita

Eddy Dailami, Pinto Coffee

Catherine Goh, Santan

Edward Choo, Toothless Coffee

Christopher Chua, Pagi Coffee Co