The International Conference on Tropical Sciences focuses on the contributions of Science and Technology in addressing the challenges and value of the Tropical region to achieve sustainability.

Scope of Conference


Tropical Agriculture (TA)

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Frontier Technologies in Tropical Agriculture

Climate-Smart Agriculture in the Tropics

Changing Landscape of Agriculture in the TropicsRead More »


Tropical Architecture & Engineering (TAE)

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Smart Cities in the Tropics

Green Energy in the Tropics

New Materials Development for the TropicsRead More »


Tropical Medicine (TM)

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One Health Approach to Tropical Health

Healthy Ageing in the Tropics

Digital Innovations in Tropical MedicineRead More »


Tropical Natural Resources (TNR)

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Sustainable Use of Tropical Biodiversity

Sustainable Blue Economy in the Tropics

Natural Product Development: The Future is in the TropicsRead More »